Forbes NYC - Top 10 Entrepreneurs + Interview In NYC Journal

Forbes NYC - Top 10 Entrepreneurs + Interview In NYC Journal

Exclusive once a year offer!!! Get a free interview on NYC Journal (worth $499) for free when you book your spot for Forbes NYC - Top 10 Influential Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following In 2024

The Top 10 Entrepreneurs article will have a brief description of you and what you do. With one backlink (Website or Social Media) and your picture. This is your opportunity to showcase your expertise and share your story with a wider audience.

The interview will have a specific set of questions tailored towards you & your company. Once you reserve your spot, you’ll receive a questionnaire form where you will be asked to provide us with some answers using which NYC Journal will create interview questions for you.

Top 10 Entrepreneurs article will be published on 30th June & the interview on 5th July,

We strive to showcase the most exceptional and remarkable talents in our feature. To achieve this, we have a dedicated survey team that tirelessly searches across all social media platforms and online Google searches to gather information on selected candidates. Our goal is to bring upcoming entrepreneurs to the forefront.

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