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    We serve busy leaders, so we understand the value of exceptional service that respects your time. We’ve helped over many leaders turn their knowledge and expertise into books, accessible across the globe. With our approach, you can choose your level of involvement and trust our team of professionals to provide a seamless experience. Our authors are mission-driven with unique and innovative perspectives that deserve to be shared.


    All you need is the idea and the same passion you already bring to everything you do. We then help you turn your idea into a completed book with a dedicated team of seasoned writers, editors and designers. Your time is at a premium, which is why we have created a framework that allows you to determine the level of your involvement. Together, we will create a beautiful book that meets your standards of excellence and is of a quality that will rival any book on the front table of major bookstore


    Most importantly, your book represents YOUR story and YOUR ideas. As the author, you retain 100% of the rights to your work and your intellectual property.

  • The Book Writing & Publishing Process


    Our process begins and aligning your goals with our capabilities. This results in a final blueprint that informs our entire working-together relationship.


    Vision Session

    In this session, you'll meet with your Branding Strategist to embark on a discovery process, where we'll explore your ideas and desired outcomes. Within 10 days following your meeting, you will receive either a manuscript or, if you already have one, an Editorial Plan tailored to enhance your project.


    Meet Your Editorial Team

    Your ghostwriter will have experience in your area of expertise, passion for your story, and a writing style that works for you. Your Editorial Manager and Brand & Media Leader will guide you through every step of the publishing and media services journey.


    Editing, Layout, and Design

    For most authors, this is a thrilling milestone in their journey to publication—seeing their book come to life. Your writers will start by crafting the manuscript, utilizing insights from your interviews and proposing potential titles. Once you choose a title, our award-winning design team steps in to create a cover that stands out against the competition. With your approval, they will then proceed to meticulously layout the book for printing, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision.


    Book Publishing

    Unlike self-publishing, we manage the entire distribution process for you. Once you approve the final layout, we publish your book on Amazon with print-on-demand availability. Additionally, we cater to the preferences of tech-savvy readers by offering a digital version of your book. We publish it as an ebook on major platforms such as Kindle and Google Books, ensuring accessibility for all types of readers.Unlike self-publishing, we handle the distribution process on your behalf. After we receive your approval on final layout, we send your book to be published on Amazon ready with print on demand copies. For those tech-savvy readers, we offer a digital version of your book as an ebook and publish it on major ebook reading platforms like Kindle & Google Read.


    Distribution and Promotion

    • Monitor all social media activity, including comments, messages, and reviews.
    • Engage with your audience to foster community and encourage interaction, which is crucial for growth.
  • Book Promotion With Us


    Fast-forward the success and reach of your authority with our book promotion plans. Our team works with you to craft a custom book promotion strategy that will position your book where it can be seen, trusted, and purchased.


    When you leverage our PR, book promotion, and media services alongside your book launch, you have the opportunity to expand your reach and assert your authority.

    Book Seeding Initiatives

    Reader reviews are pivotal to a successful book launch campaign. They significantly impact the Amazon algorithm's decisions on recommending your book, and they offer potential buyers the social proof needed to confirm their purchase decision confidently.


    The most effective strategy for garnering early reader reviews is tapping into your own network. Your Book Promotion Manager will guide you on best practices for distributing advance copies among your contacts for potential reviews. This support includes advising on optimal timing, crafting compelling messages, and providing additional assistance to maximize results. 

    Amazon Optimization & Targeted Advertising

    Amazon is the giant in the book market, accounting for up to 80% of all sales. It's crucial that your book not only be available on Amazon but also easily discoverable and finely optimized to convert browsers into buyers.


    Your Book Promotion Manager will expertly research and suggest the most effective Amazon keywords and categories to elevate your book's visibility and potential for achieving bestseller status. Additionally, they will assist in setting up and enhancing your Author Central author profile.


    Throughout your campaign, you'll receive detailed weekly analyses, providing insights into customer behaviors and the direct impact of our marketing efforts on your book sales. Our team, including Amazon-certified advertising specialists, will continuously refine the advertising strategy and tactics based on real-time performance data to maximize your book's success.

    6-Month Book Launch Publicity Campaign

    Our Book Launch Publicity Campaign offers extensive exposure on both local and national levels. We target placements in a variety of outlets, including consumer newspapers, special-interest magazines, journals, and trade publications. Leveraging our strong relationships and time-tested strategies, we consistently secure spots for our clients in prestigious publications, such as Forbes and The New York Times, ensuring your book receives the attention it deserves.

    Kindle Bestseller List Program

    The Kindle Bestseller program is designed to drive a high volume of sales at a promotional price, propelling your book into the top five on an Amazon Bestseller list. Achieving this ranking not only boosts visibility but also positions you prominently as a leading authority in your field when your name appears on the first page of Amazon's search results.


    The program offers:

    • Strategic guidance on selecting the most advantageous categories for your eBook to maximize visibility.
    • A targeted approach to reach #1 or at least the top five positions on Amazon's Bestseller lists.
    • Provision of a bestseller seal and screenshots documenting your book's ranking, which can be used for further marketing and PR efforts.

    Publishing Industry Reviews

    Being recognized with a review or award from the publishing industry not only enhances your credibility and visibility but also offers a significant marketing opportunity, attracting new readers. Such endorsements can spark heightened interest among consumers, booksellers, and librarians.


    We facilitate submissions of your book to esteemed platforms like Booklife by Publishers Weekly, Foreword Clarion, Kirkus Indie, and Readers Favorite. These submissions guarantee a review from their editorial teams, with the option to archive the review. Typically, reviews are available within 6-8 weeks after submission. You can leverage these reviews on retail book pages, in marketing materials, and more to further boost your book's profile.

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